You can find Adam Barbers located in south west Birmingham on Harborne high street.

Adam Barbers is where experience and passion go hand in hand. It is not just a place to go to get your hair done but where you go when you want an experience.
Specializing in all the traditional methods of cut throat, wet shave, ear flaming and threading. Along side with all the modern techniques from shape up, hairstyling, colouring, hot towels and patterns.

We pride ourselves on the service and knowledge we have on all hair types and skins so we can give each customer a tailored experience that is the best and ideal for them.


I’m Adam, I’m the owner and head barber at Adam Barbers.

How did I get a passion for hair you might ask?
Well, it all started back when I was 14 and bored on my school holidays. My mum saw that they were teaching barbering at a local youth place and decided that I should learn something new in my spare time. Little did I realize that I would have a passion for the trade and it would become my profession.

I was the youngest boy at the school and before you knew it I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I now have 18 years of experience in my trade.

My shop is where I want people to be relaxed and walk out feeling brand new.
I don’t only have a passion for hair but also organic products. The products I use are the organic products that I make so I know that I’m giving you the best treatment for your hair and skin type.

Hair for me is art which is why I take my time on every customer,  it’s not a numbers game to me. I want to give everyone an experience.
At the end of the day every satisfied customer is my advertisement when people ask “where did you get you hair done?”.
I love the feeling when customers come back letting me know how many people asked where they went for their hair. This is what keeps my passion going and why I love doing what I do.




Owner / Manager / Head barber

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